Thursday, September 13, 2007

are you making this mistake

What you want more than anything is to become better atbadminton, and start winning matches, right?Certainly that is most likely why you signed up for theBadminton Secrets Newsletter.And it's why I think you'll find this tip particularly useful.It's going to seem counter-intuitive.And it's going to seem quite difficult to grasp.But bear with me, as it could make a massive difference to yourgame.When you think about winning, in what way do you think aboutyour opponent?Maybe you want to beat them into the ground?Perhaps you want to really make them suffer?Well, here's a tip from me:DON'T!!!You see Deepak, if you approach your badminton with theattitude that you winning is going to make someone else 'lose'something, then you will not improve half as much as you could.But if you see each game as a chance for you both to improveyour play, regardless of the score, then you will find that thepath will be opened for you to get even better.And, ultimately, for you to win a LOT more.To put it simply, if you are trying to win by taking away youropponent's power, then you are only ever going to get the valueof your opponent's game.But there is plenty of ability to improve out there.A game isn't about (psychologically at least) being a race towin the points against someone else.Which is what a lot of people view it as.But if you can see it as a game where no one loses, and eachperson gains in their badminton, you will find that suddenlyyour whole game opens up and improvement will come a lotquicker.Which of course means that you will start winning a lot more!Ironic really...In a nutshell, if you stop thinking of there being a limitedamount of badminton ability (ie you have to make youropponent(s) lose something for you to win), and start seeingeach game as there being infinite chance of both of you gettingbetter, your game will skyrocket.