Thursday, June 28, 2007

Swiss Open '07 - Lin Dan retires from semifinal!

Lin Dan retires from semifinal!In the first Men's Singles semifinals the number 1 seed, Lin Dan, CHNwas up against Simon Santoso, INA, who came to the Main Draw via theQualifying event!In the first game they went hand in hand until the score was 12-10 infavour of Lin Dan. Both performed subtle shots but all the time with LinDan setting the pace! Simon Santoso were 2 match points down before hehimself had unumerous match points giving him the first game 27-25! Inthe last fases of the first fases Lin Dan sent a lot of shuttles out.At 1-0 in favour of Santoso Lin Dan put his hands to the side of hisback, turned to the Umpire and said he was in pain. Referee was calledover toether with the Doctor, and after some discussion Lin Dan decidedto try and go on.It was very clear he couldn't go up in smashes and after 4 more pointsLin Dan went to the net, shook hands with Santoso - and second.

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