Monday, July 2, 2007

How To Achieve Anything

There are five words that I would like to share with you
that should be written down, memorised, in fact etched
onto your brain, as the best, most rewarding way of
achieving anything.


Yes, anything.

These five words haved formed the basis for the wealth of
the richest men in the world, from John D. Rockefeller to
Bill Gates.

They have provided people with more love than they could
possibly have imagined, more success and more happiness.

These five words have been handed down from generation to
generation and not only make a significant difference to
whoever heeds them, but affect the rest of the world too.

The words are as follows:

"Give and ye shall receive".

It is one of the mysteries of the world.

The more you give, the more you will receive.

But (and there's always a 'but'!), you must give in the
correct way.

It's no good giving some money to charity and then
expecting to win the lottery next week.

The important thing is that you must give WITHOUT ANY

So am I saying to get something, you have to give it, but
without expecting to get it back in any way?

Yes, I suppose I am really!

It isn't so much a badminton secret, as a life secret
(hmm, there's an idea for a website...) although we will
be looking at how to apply it to badminton in just a

It could almost be described as a universal truth, that
that which you give with a grateful heart, will come back
to you tenfold.

Not always immediately, and not usually even from the
place that you originally gave, but the way that the world
works means that you will always end up with more than you

It changes your thinking from things coming into you, to
things going out from you. This then makes you ready to
receive what it is that you desire! Simple really...

I tell you this not because I'm a particularly spiritual
or religious person, but because as your new badminton
life coach, I want to tell you what works and can make
your life and game a whole lot better!!

Speaking of which, how CAN this help your badminton game?

How indeed!

Now's the time to switch the thinking from 'how can I play
better badminton' to 'how can I give to other people in

Obviously you know your own situation better than I do, so
here are a few examples to be going on with.

- Someone gives their time by staying behind and coaching
some juniors free of charge. The juniors tell their
regular coach, and he invites that person to a session
where they pick up a whole host of tips and techniques.

- Someone does a sponsored event to fund their badminton,
and manage to get twice as much as they had planned and
decide to give half to charity. One of the charity's
biggest donors hears of this, and donates twice as much to
the player's fund than they originally made.

- One too many people have been booked to play in a match.
The player who offers to stand down is then included in
the next match, against the league leaders that helps take
that person's game to a new level.

Now these are all totally made up scenarios, written not
to show you how you can benefit from giving, but hopefully
to give you different ideas of the ways that you can give
in badminton.

Not only, according to this universal law, will you get
more back than you ever give, but other people will
immeasurably benefit from your kindness!

Think of the possibilities!

So never (not that I'm sure you do) give bad line calls on

Encourage other players, even if they might be your
nearest rivals.

When you notice your rival has a tell-tale sign that they
are going to play a certain shot, TELL THEM!

What is this crazy man telling me to do, I hear you ask!

Tell my rival where their faults are?

YES! Because, the universal truth will reward you with
more than you ever give.

You have to trust it, if you want to allow for everything
that you wish to achieve.

Now I'll leave you to go out and test this new principle,
and have fun doing it!

Remember, giving with no thought for getting anything back
is the quickest way to receiving more than you can ever
dream of.

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